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Muffler on my 63 needs to be replaced

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my impala sits on the ground when i dump it all the way dwn.....i need to replace the muffler....where can i get one that will "tuck" up against the floorpan so that it doesnt get squashed?
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Most people just run glasspacks because they're small and cheap and have a decent rumble sound.
kewl thanks.....what about tuckin? will they tuck nicely and not get squashed?
flowmaster has some hush power mufflers that are said to be smaller than regular mufflers
take it to a good muffler shop and get it dualed out. i got mine duals and it was 300 cash no tax from the headers back, with glasspacks all tucked nice, i think it was a deal.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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