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My daughters school project

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Ok a couple of weeks ago. My wife tells me that KARLI. Has a school project. I was like yeah um-what evers. And she was like I think your going to like this one. I was like sure what evers. So she starts telling me ok. There project is "TRANSPORTATION". The object is to build anything that has to do with transportation. Kool. But the catch is we have to build it out of CARDBOARD. Whoooa. WHAT? Yup out of card board. And is has to be something that can be displayed and worn almost like a custom. So she starts showing me some picture she copied from the same project. But from another school. I was like I can build something BETTER, then that shit those LOSERS built. So she was like SHOW ME.

So the first thing I wanted to do was a 32' ford roadster. With in 2 min. I had it some what figured out in my head. So i was about to plan it all out on paper on how to do the CUTS on a cardboard box.

Then I start to explain to my wife on my plans. She was like kool. Then I start to tell my daughter, what I want to do. And she's like "NO". I want a "BUS". A, what? She's like I want a "BUS".I'm like your sooo LAME. Anyone and everyone can make a bus out of a cardboard box. She like I don't care, "I,WANT A BUS". Are you deaf? And hearing my 4y/o tell me this. Made me think. I was like ok, i'll build you a "BUS". I didn't tell her it was not going to be a school BUS. Because, as soon as she said BUS the second time. I was all ready, thinking VW BUS :)

So I tell the 4 y/o. My plan on her "BUS". She doesn't know what the hell i'm talking about. So we go online and I show her what it, is. She smiles and says, "yeah, Do it." Then we came up of the IDEA. To do a HIPPIE bus. So thats how she choose the COLORS. And with her beingonly four. She has some trouble saying some words/letters. So we say VOLKSWAGON and she say "POSTWAGON". So that how her "POSTWAGON" project, started.

So I found a box. To the shape and size I figured I would need. And believe me it was not as easy as you would think. So I start my CUTS to get the front and the back compound curve of a VW BUS ( I wish I took pics). Then did some cutting of the fender openings. Then the windsheild. Got it all taped up. And prepped for paint.
Since it was cardboard. My model/spray paints was out of the question. So I used latex house paint. First I primed it with some Killz2 primer. And headed out to homedepot to buy the small bottles of test paint. She chose "PINK". And i picked out the white for the TOP. And picked up some other stuff we could use for the project. Then headed to a craft store to pick out the other shit.

We all had a part in this project. Me,wifey,and karli. Even my son did his part. took us about a week to do it. But it was a blast. No model car project compares to this.

So we get it done in time. And bring it in. Had it ready. And they have a carshow in the class. And do a CRUISE on there WALKWAY. it was sooo CUTE.

Enjoy the PICS. And no there was no JUDGING for the SHOW. LOL But there where some SICK rides.
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Originally posted by 64 CRAWLING@Feb 4 2010, 03:49 AM~16508543
MANOONG. LOL. i think by the PICS. you can see the results. LOL
thats pretty cool it came out nice deff the best one there lol..... nothing like bonding with family
:0 :wow: :biggrin: thats pretty cool man! its good to see you buildin somethin :biggrin: , and that Vdub van looks real good bro!

and looks like she had a fun time too :cool:
That pretty badass!!!!
That's pretty cool :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I've been hinting to my daughter to do a race car theme for my grandsons birthday so we can make some cardboard racers and have them race around the back yard...
LOL her car looks way better than everone elese LOL thats not fare, you build cars lol
Yeah it was a FUN, project. And we had a great time doing it. She doesn't even want to get rid of it.

I did, tell her it would make a nice PINATA ( i think thats how you spell it). For her birthday in APRIL. LOL
VERY COOL MAN, THAY ALL LOOK SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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