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My revenge on the tow company. FS SUZUKI SAMURAI


PLease everybody that reads this post elsewhere on other forums, so I can burn these asses that screwed me for 3 months

Let me begin with, I do not want to sell this, but I need to so I can afford a lawyer to get my dues from this tow yard.

This is the story about my 1988 Suzuki Samurai, aka the tow yard terror. It all started on an afternoon in May 2005. It was the last week of classes at SIUC where I am currently attending school. After having a final dinner with all the guys and a few cold ones I decided to head up to one of the local bars where a friend of mine worked, It was about 10pm when I got there, I parked the Samurai in a spot next to a closed business. Signs said that they did tow, but it was after business hours. After having a few more cold ones at the bar I come outside to find my Samurai and Navy cruise jacket gone. So a gathered up a few friends and we went to get the Sammy. I called the tow company R*ch’s Towing, and asked how much it would cost to get my samurai back, they told me $65.00. I was fine with this, but when we got there, there was nobody around to open the gate and take my money. The more I thought about it, the more unhappy I became, this and a couple of college guys, and a few drinks had convinced me to do the stupid thing. So I took my Samurai back, and in the process took out their gate, only a $276.00 section mind you.

Not to long after getting home and telling my roommate that the cops would soon come, a knock on the door. Well needless to say, I spent the evening in the local county lockup. I admit, I was wrong and foolish to do this, and I did pay for it, and the Samurai was towed back to R*ch’s Towing.

After contacting R*ch’s towing in Carbondale Illinois I apologized and told them that I would be more than happy to fix the gate and pay for everything if they would drop the charges. Just then our verbal agreement was set. I would get the Samurai back after the fence was repaired. Now after talking to R*ch, he tries to tell me that the base poles were bent and both poles and both gates would need to be replaced. This was not the case, one support post was bent, but not from myself, it was bent the opposite way than it would have if I had damaged it. I really still had no problem at this point and said he was in charge, what else could I do? So we agreed that he would get the hardware and concrete and one afternoon I would help him replace everything. This agreement was made on May 17th 2005.

After multiple calls and 3 months of waiting I finally gave up dealing with this A-hole and decided to contact the sergeant involved with the case. After 1 phone call to the sergeant I finally received my first phone call from R*ch. Mind you in the prior 3 months I was told dozens of time that, I’ll have him call you, and I’ll call you when the parts come in, and countless excuses, This was the first phone call I got from him. He has the nerve to go off on me and tell me that since I want to go to the cops that we are going to do it his way now! His way, his way is laying on his fat a** and not doing a damn thing for 3 months. He tells me ok, I’ll just have a company come in and do the work and I’ll give you a bill. Mind you I still don’t have my Samurai back, he has had it impounded for the entire summer, while I paid license and title and insurance on it. He tells me, once again another lie, that he will get back to me in 3 days after the weekend. Another 10 days pass before I call him and ask what the deal is. He tells me this, its exactly $1000.00. I give him the money and finally get my Samurai back. To this day, the gate has not been fixed.

The reason I am selling the Samurai is that I need money to pay off the $1000.00 I spent to get it back. And, I also am going to hire an attorney and take them to court so I can get some of my money back. Its really sad that I tried to be a man about the situation, and this fool, just wants to jerk me around. My theory behind the situation is that the gate was not going to get fixed, and he was trying to hold the Samurai long enough that he could apply for an abandoned vehicle title so he could legally steal my samurai, only after that would he have had me fix his gate, then magically I still wouldn’t have gotten my vehicle back. Its sad that there are people in this world who are like R*ch.

He probably thought I had a rich family putting me through school and I could afford this no problem. That’s not the case, I went into the service for 4 years to pay for my school, I just bought my own house and do it all by working a part time job and going to school full time, that as well as sell parts on the internet. I definitely can’t afford this. And I know I was wrong for what I did, but didn’t deserve this whatsoever. Anyway, onto the Samurai

It’s a 1988, with a clear title. Great running condition. 5-speed Started right up without hesitation after sitting for 3 months. Since I bought it over a year ago I have done the following
-changed timing belt
-changed spark plugs and wires
-new air filter
-added a Nissan factory tape player
-added the spare tire(missing when bought)
-Speaker blank out panels
-Custom Aluminum glove box door
-changed oil regularly

Odometer shows 141k miles, as you can see by the pictures it is in very good shape for being 17 years old. It has been repainted at one point in its life. Hardtop included
Optima battery will not be included in this sale, so you will need to bring a battery upon pickup. This Samurai will drive anywhere, all the way to cali and back if necessary. As you can see it has been well taken care of for the most part. It is 100% mechanically sound. Only body damage is on the front fender where the gate was hit. As seen in the pictures you can see the gate at R*ch’s towing, of Carbondale Illinois.

Contact me with any questions

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Thanks for fixing my link, not wanting anybody to feel sorry for me, just like to get a little bit of revenge, I know its all my fault and brought it all on myself, but its all good
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