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need help with 83 caprice

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I just bought a 83 caprice and the the person who had b4 me had the trunk popper wire cut and it touched the metal inside my dash and now my check engine light, oil light and battery light wont go off.Only time my engine light comes on is when i push my brakes.So is my sensors bad now or is my whole wiring messed up? everything else works its just my dash lights.If anyone can help me out or know of a site i can go to please let me know. Thanks
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id need a wiring schematic.
try to reset your computer by disconnecting the negative cable form the for 30 seconds...........then it around for about 20 minutes and see if this takes care of the problem.............

my guess is the computer is still "seeing" the accident that happened.............

good luck
you might have a bad ground that cause alot of wierd shit
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