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Originally posted by maddogg20/20@Dec 18 2008, 04:54 AM~12463815
Increase the compression ratio
Only burn high octane fuel  <-----I dont think that would help.
Decrease any excessive weight on the car
Reduce friction of moving parts in (and on) the engine
Install an electric fan
Install Nitrous oxide
Install an electric fuel/water pump
Install flux capacitor
Ream the insides of the jets on the carburetor
Add a High-flow air filter
Install a high capacity oil pan
Add an additional oil filter
Change pinion gear ratio in the rearend
Swap out the camshaft
Install a stall torque converter (to match teh cam)
Install magnesium/aluminum wheels up front
Supercharge that SOB
Streamline the car (take off the side mirrors, etc.)
Ram air hood?
Twin turbos  <----- :yes:
Angle mill the heads & block
Use milti-electrode spark plugs
Install a mulit-spark ignition system
Remove seatbelts from the car
Remove the seats
Bore/hone the cylinders
Install a longer stroke crankshaft
Tighn up the gap slightly on the compression rings
Use Royal Purple light weight oil
Get rid of that smog garbadge
Install a larger free-flowing exhuast system (with an x-pipe)
Get a custom made alluminum driveshaft
Maybe some other things....?
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