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I have a 68 conv pimpala w/ a 2 showtime chrome set up w/ 6 batts 8"s front 12"s in rear. the car only gets up 4"-5" what do I need to do ? when set up was intalled I asked vato and he said bigger steel block or something it still has to be installed- will these help? I have the org. springs should I get bigger ones ? are they easy to install--? more batts? do I have to go to a 3-pump set up" I dont want to be winning any comps but would like to get 1'to 1 1/2' . Im not sure what size of gears it has but they are marz... what would be min. size i would need ? also when trying to hop the front goes down slow any suggestions? well THANKS in advance for the help

PEACE low -n- slow 4 life :biggrin: :cool:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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