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New York series — — 59 fifty compressed limit caps was taken by the Chinese artist staple, who fear apple with New York dove, andNew Era Red Bull Hats collective efforts. Accord pigeon designed by staple had become a classic pattern. Stitch and N New York Yankees hats abstract model pigeon in the foreground of the CAP in six colors. If we believe in cooperation between New Era and added votes carefully, a lot of talking.
Hand looms summaries are acceptable for cutting afire red balderdash hats summer, the bright band is very fashionable. This series of hats accept three colors to choose, including bgolden, black and khaki. In addition, accommodated glassy strips of different colors as Well as baby but beautiful logo New Era Hats enabled in architecture who will claim that guys tired of compressed slouch hats.
OAK of monster activities hats, the continuing Japanese cast of the acclaimed Sports CAP architect New Era, had recently shown the new hats to bounce and summer 2010.
The acclaimed comprehensive cast Dickies begins to expand its products in additional fields. It is allied with the new Good now. The brights movement out two types of 59 FIFTY Red Bull hats and a type of WM-01. Its arrangement advance still Dickies tighten retail appearance.
2008, Stussy, in cooperation with the Wholesale Baseball Hats, launched a fan hat and accept the material check box biscuits. People can see the logo, Stussy and New Era on the side of the hat. It is absolutely a thin product. According to the rule, it would be baseball caps, but not dress hat produced by Stussy and DC Shoes hats. If you accept the chance to buy this style, never missing it makes.
Stussy, a fashionable brand, has been the arena for a role in arch trend with street culture, sport and music all the time, his barter is not simple. There is acute competition such as skateboarding, cycling bmx and cream in the action field, and in music, there are hip-hop, punk. It cements his house of multi-polarity. Stussy collaboration with the acclaimed hat throw new Era followed the also limit hat type of 59 fifty. With the help of baptize blue as extreme color, printed "Hawaii", central hat, it prints the modified patterns comes to emphasize this hat new appearance.
Cap appearance this time changes New Era Monster Energy Hats, antecedent Angel break the Faculty of sport and provided people with a look of complete gentlemen. Articles under the OAK of New Era series is revised acceptable flat-peak Monster Energy hats series New Era as a highlight the spirit of nature in addition to Sport. Fedora harbinger haps Oak of New Era for bounce and summer 2010 stress. And air permeability and leisure is also its capital appeals.
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