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Hi guys, I'm posting this for a friend. Anway, he just got a '94 Fleetwood from another friend of ours & I do most of the work on his cars. This is our first experience with hydraulics. I've always done bags, and now I'm trying to learn how hydro's work and are set up. This is what he has:

94 Caddy Fleetwood
2 chrome CCE pumps
4 dumps
8 batteries (had 12 when he bought it but they were all bad)
2 prestolite blocks (solenoids have been replaced however)
8" fronts/10" rears
plated control arms, UCA's have been extended
full (I think) frame wrap. I know it's been reinforced someway.

I have some wuestions though, so hopefully someone can educate me...
The back was dumping really hard and fast, it felt like you were hopping when you dumped it, so I adjusted the slowdown on the return lines. Now the back dumps unevenly. The dumps have knobs on top of them, are these adjustments too?

Also, should he switch to 12's in the rear? He can 3 wheel in circles now, but would like to pull a standing 3, so i fugured 12's would help. The guy he bought it from used to have 14's in the rear, but they bent so he switched to 10's before he lost interest in the car. I read on here how to add 2 extra dumps on the rear pump so he can control the cylinders induvidually.

One more question. With a 48v system, would accumulators make it really slow? Or what if we just put them on the back? Thats the roughest part anyway. Thanks in advance for all the help.
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