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hey whats up
im wanting to sell my truck to get into somtin a little bigger even trade. im a big guy and this truck is not small but its just not comfortible maybe if it was an extended cab where i could lay the seat back and pimp it u know. :biggrin: theres no mechanical problems u could get in this and ryde out just would have to be carefull cuzz its on13s u know. it was set up for a 3 pump set up but i took the hydros off cuzz some one stole the batteries and sylenoids so i sold the ppumps and hoses and switch box to my home boy. but the rack is still there . i have reverse 13s chrome wit the diamond centers on it wit close to new tires its has clear tail lights and corners chrome grill mirros and fender trim with a kandy paint on the body with about 4 jars a flake maybe alittle more with a murial on the hood bothe doors and tail gate.with limo tint on the windows .theres no back bumper cuzz i drug it off . i went threw this spot where these imports meet here in orlando and drug threw it and there went the bumper but i bought a new chrome one just havent put it on yet. the bed dumps and all. its got a 6 inch drop in the back wit a 4 inch in the front .all paint was house of colors.
the inside is a swirl velvet red the interior is all done except for the dash witch is black. the door jams have been sprayed the same as the outside. i have 2 7 inch screens on da dash for the driver and passenger wit a flip out cd player and 4 6 in an halfs in the truck 2 in each door. dvd player also.its got a red grant steering wheel. i put the bubble dash in it from the 98 nissan truck everything is there.
the engine is stock but its a very strong runin enegine smooth runing.
over all the truck is very clean
im lookin to get 32 hundred but im reasonible
if u got a trade let me know
even a trade wit some money is cool


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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