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yeah it feels wierd lookin in here and not seein the westside topic ..been in here for a long damn time!

oh and i guess i am just a lowrider enthusist..till i have a car on them STREETS :biggrin:

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well the regal is going to go into hiding for a bit but will bust out better than ever some time early next year if all goes right :0

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Originally posted by livin_low@Sep 27 2007, 10:33 PM~8885202
well the regal is going to go into hiding for a bit but will bust out better than ever some time early next year if all goes right :0

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To all who is not going to Vegas this year come by next weekend and hang out with us.... For any information on this show PM me or click on the link to the show website in my signature... Hope to see some Ohio Ryders come out!!!!

Charleston Boulevard Rod Run

and Doo Wop

Event Schedule

October 4-7, 2007

Thursday October 4:

* Registration opens at noon- Kanawha Boulevard and Capitol Street
* Reception for Sponsors, Volunteers & Registered Vehicle guests- 6 PM at the Charleston House Hotel.
* Vendors and Concessions open.
* "Cruise In" on the Boulevard
* Movie at Magic Island
* Concert at Haddad Park - Mark IV - 7:30 PM
* 50/50, Engine and Transmission Raffle Tickets available all days.

Friday October 5:

* Registration Open- 8 AM Kanawha Boulevard at Capitol Street
* "Cruise In" for registered vehicles
* Swap-vendors & Concessions open
* Spouse tours - Holiday Inn
* Volleyball - 12-5pm at Magic Island
* First Burnout event-competition 6PM at Appalachian Tire on Clendenin Street.
* Ladies Car Maintenance Seminar - 2PM Holiday Inn.
* Paint Buffing Demo - 4PM Holiday Inn
* Poker Walk - 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Holiday Inn
* Record Hop- Jitterbug Contest- Kanawha Boulevard at Holiday Inn- 4:00 PM
* Route 60 Cruise (TBA)
* Door prize giveaways all day.
* Shaggin' on the Levee & Evening Concert - Haddad Park
* Evening Doo Wop Concert- Haddad Park- featuring The Esquires 7PM
* Movies at Magic Island
* Charleston Area Cruise - self guided tour (see maps at registration or information centers)
* Concert at Magic Island - Three Fold Theory - 7:00 PM
* DJ music on Magic Island

Saturday October 6:

* Registration open at 8 AM- Kanawha Boulevard at Capitol Street (Note: the registration tent may move towards the State Capitol on the Boulevard as we fill up the area we used last year.)
* Car Show Day! 8AM to 10PM
* Swap & Vendors open until 10PM
* Ladies Car Maintenance Seminar- 11AM
* Sound Off event - Magic Island - 12pm (This is an offically sanctioned event of the USAC)
* Sound Off Awards - upon completion of event - Magic Island
* Volleyball at Magic Island - 12-5pm
* Hydraulic Show - 11AM - Courthouse parking lot
* Hydraulic Show Awards - after the hydraulic competition is completed
* "Drag Contest" - at or near Magic Island - TBA
* Burnout Trophy event 5PM at Appalachian Tire.
* Poker Walk - 10 AM - 2 PM Holiday Inn
* Dance Party at Magic Island - TBA
* Evening Doo Wop Concert - Haddad Park- featuring Catch-A-Wave
* Paint Buffing Demo 11AM & 4PM - Holiday Inn
* Ladies car maintenance seminar - Holiday Inn
* Door prize giveaways all day
* Engine build on the Blvd - 2PM
* Movies at Magic Island
* Fireworks show!
* DJ Music all day

Sunday October 7:

* Gospel Singers at Haddad Park- 10:30 AM- Jay Humphries Trio
* Swap & Vendors open at (10:30AM?)
* Sponsor Trophy Awards by Mayor 1PM
* Drawing for Chevrolet & Ford Engines
* Drawing for the Chevrolet & Ford Transmissions
* Door prize drawings all day.
* 50/50 Raffle drawing- Awards Ceremony
* Drawing for Las Vegas trip- Awards Ceremony
* Drawing for cash prize- Awards Ceremony
* "Cruise In"/car show

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word :)

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Originally posted by NIMSTER64@Sep 29 2007, 10:38 PM~8897445
damn he gets a hi but I don't :( what did I do :biggrin:
Hi Nimster. :wave: Are you getting your caddy ready for your big come back? :biggrin:
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