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wassup yall as of right now i got a 59 impala wagon, a 51 cevy coupe and a 51 fourdoor. the coupe nedds a lotof work. the four door doesnt't need that mush but will need to be one through and the floors are not solid. the wagon has everything and has a dent in the passneger side quuater. i also have a 59 ford and and a 54 ford. they also need restoration. the 59 fourd is a four door and has all parts. has a lot of surface rust. the chevy's are going cheap. 600 for the coupe and 700 for the four door. can have both for like 1200 or 1300. the wagon is going for 1500. the 59 ford is like 6 or 5. i'll have pics up really soon so please bare with me
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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