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paint a hood and things

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ok I wanna through a new hood on my hearse- 92 caddi brougham-. It has the silver trim across the hood. How do i take those off and transfer them to the new hood. Also whats the best way to paint a hood at home? nothing great just decent
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If it down the center then it some nuts on the underside of your hood. If it the two on the sides of the hood i think its the same thing but havent messed with them in awhile so dont know for sure.
ya it's the ones on the sides of the hood
if your hood is brand new,you can just scotch brite the underside and sides and top, and paint the bottom part first and trim out the sides, then when it dries paint the top
yea, its an easy job. Painting it outside wont be too bad, but bugs are your main issue.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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