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Nearly new 4 ft. galvanized paint spray booth, equipped with a 12 inch sparkless fan/3 phase motor. Unit is equipped with a variable frequency drive that allows the fan to be adjusted down to very low or anywhere in-between. Most industrial spray booths of this type don't have a variable frequency drive and consequently you only have one speed on the fan which is way too much air evacuation for most applications. This booth can be run at very low fan speeds and doesn't even require a return air source and can be vented just about anywhere.

The booth is perfect for painting gas tanks, helmets, small/medium sized parts, guitars/necks, just about anything you can think of. The workspace is huge at 44 in. wide, 41 in. tall, about 30 in. deep. Comes with original filter grids but I just use 20in.x20in disposable furnace filters from Home Depot.

The unit will easily pay for itself in short order. The fan and motor/drive assembly alone is over $1000.

Selling for $1500 or best offer. Unit is nearly new and is very easy to clean.

Comes on a roll-away cart that one person can maneuver the unit into place.

I use the unit in my shop in any kind of weather outside which is usually raining and humid where I am, horrible painting conditions, but I keep the heat up in the shop and reduce humidity and I can paint even in the worst weather conditions comfortably in my shop.

Email or call for info, 503-840-0729

I'm in Portland, Oregon for pickup.

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