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:dunno: I Want to paint my car but need to Know if these would be right steps in which I would paint my Car.
1. Lay down a silver base coat.
2. Lay down may patterns in HOK dark blue.
3. Lay down Royal blue flake.
4. Sand the car smooth.
5. Clear coat.
6. HOK Kandy Blue paint.
7. 1.5 gallons of clear coat (Buffed in between each coat).
If this is the right way to do this I would appreicate if would would let me know. If not what do I need to change. Any help would be appricateed. Sorry not so good of a speller on long words.

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1. primer
2. silver, gold, white base (all base colors make the candy look diff.)
3. spray patterns in your candy
4. Lay your flake
5. Lay your multiple coats of top coat candy
6. at this point you can wet sand
7. lay your multiple clear coats
8. re-wetsand the clear
9. buff it

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Well after your bodywork is done you can seal it up because some primers like to soak up paint pigments & swell.....

1)shoot a topcoat sealer.
2)base it
4)flake --------------- you can do it both ways here ...
-- you can also shoot more clear to cover flakes .....

** You can wetsand at this stage But, you will risk sanding color off the flakes if they are "standing up"......

5)lay your Kandy down --- NEVER wet sand the kandy coats of paint -- it will ruin it !!!!!!!!
6)Clear it up
7)Wetsand & buff...
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