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Just bought my next project (1965 Thunderbird) in California. It's now on it's way to Denmark in a container.

Anyone that can help me deside how I should paint it ???

It is gonna be in 2 colors. Viperblue metallic and a grey metallic in the bottom. Maybe flake on the roof, I don´t really know yet. Shaved doorhandles, emblems etc.
I've allready ordered a ½" f.b.s.s. airride system for it and some Astro Supremes rims with skinny whites on'em

Can any of You Photoshop-EXPERTS change the green color on this photo to Viper Blue and change the rims to Supremes ???

I've attached some diff .pictures. Don´t know what pics there are the best o play with....

(Car on pic is NOT mine.....)


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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