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Pick up my new car in the US

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This is a short story with tons of pics of my trip to Pittsburgh, PA to pick up my 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham I've bought on ebay.
I was looking for a goodlooking Fleetwood with the Brougham package, a tan leather interior, a nice exterior color, the right model year (1996), the right engine (LT1) and for a normal price.
I bought this Caddy nearby Pittsburgh and drove it to the harbour of New York. The distance between both addresses is about 370 miles.

I like the American airlines, so I've bought a ticket by Delta Airlines.

First to JFK and then in a little plane to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A cheap motel in the neighbourhood of the interntional airport of Pittsburgh.
Pizza Hut, Wendy's and Denny at the other side of the street.

The cab to the Canonsburg.
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When I arrived in Canonsburgh I saw some cars that I've seen on earlier that week.

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There she was, my Caddilac Fleetwood. I was glad to see that the car was in a good conditioning without any scratches or dents.

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Take a look at the interior of the car. Almost new!

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The only things I saw was a hole in a headlight and missing a piece of a bumperguard.

To be continued.
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Here pics of the motel and some other pics of the Caddy.
Yes I know, I drove the car without license plates.

Some pics of the neighbourhood.

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fleet is looking good bro... :cool:
overall clean much though??? and yeah, how did you get it home???
looks good,what price ya pay?
Cars for sale at the parking place of the Big K.

Two days later I wanna drive the car to the company in New York who ships cars to The Netherlands.

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I booked a hotel in Newark, a town near by New York.
What a mess...

The neighbourhood.

Seen on TV, bur never seen them "live".

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Here some pics of the shipping company and some cars ready for shipping to Europe.

The last pic is the pic of the metro on my way to JFK.
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gangsta! congrats on the car. ;)
A couple of weeks later the car arrived in the harbor of Rotterdam where I put her on a truck and drove her to her new home.

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looks like you had yourself quite the trip, nice car bro, looks really clean.
Looks like you had a good trip and a clean ass llac. You shoulda picked up a few sets of rims and pumps and thrown em in the trunk
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