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pinstriping and leafing matetrials?

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Hows every one doing?
I'm actually trying to pinstripe and leaf a Bike I'm working on. it seems like some fun work
i just dont know exactly what kind of materials to use? any suggestions and tips on how to do a job like this? thanks.
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Pinstriping- Mack pinstriping brush, one shot or house of color paint, various cleaners ( wax and grease remover, tack cloth, windex etc) and imagination

leafing- depending what ur looking for, there's 23k gold leaf, silver, comp gold and silver( harder to lay IMO ) variegated leaf all of which either comes in patent or loose leaf. Then some gold sizing I personally use Rolco but many people find success in one shot , 1/4 tape and and lettering quill ( I found using a lettering quill to apply the glue is much easier)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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