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I want to get into this art and I need some info about the pinstriping stuff.

What do i need for the beginning? Yeah i know some skills :D. I have some stuff i've done... but only on my PC -> Photoshop. I'm learning. There is a lot of topics like this one but there is a litle difference... I need specific info. I have some $$ but dont know what to buy.

Ok so i found some wizards on dvd. 3 dvd -> like these

Wizard's Pinstriping Basics
Kustom Pinstripng Techniques

I know i have to buy Brushes - found some on ebay. Ok but which one. I dont want to buy some $$$$ stuff cause' i'm learning and i doont need the best ones but i dont want to buy new ones after one hour :).

Strter Kit - That for 40L ... What do you think?

Thanks for any help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts