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On August 21,2006 3 weeks beofre their wedding a couple miraculously woke from their sleep only to relize that their home was on fire.
Thanks to god for sparing their lives,but unfortunately,they were unable to to save their best friend the family dog of almost 9 years. They also lost all of their belongings,including items for thier wedding,bridal shower gifts,and items for their business.

As a community,everyone is pulling together to keep this unfortunate couple try to put thier lives back together again.
So I would like to ask for any kind donations that you can give to help put some light at the end of their very dark tunnel! If you would like to donate gently worn clothing,furniture or anything else please email me and I can make arangments for you to bring them by or to have them picked up.

If you would like to donate money all donations can be made at US bank under the name Steve and Sonya Thibaudeau.

Thank you to anyone who can offer your help and/or your prayers and God bless you for your generosity.

Just so everyone knows this is in the Federal way area.But I am willing to travel to get things for them.
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