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Whats up,

OK here is the deal, I got tired of replaceing my Cyclinder O-Rings every frekin month, so I researched on LIL, & saw the "POLYPAK Type B" seal was the better replacement to improve leaks etc.

I found a company in Fresno (AFM) who sells them, but sells them in packs of 20.
I obviously dont need 20, so I have 14 to spare.

I have Prohopper cylinders.
Seal Measurments are:
1-1/4 (Outter Diameter)
1/8 Thick.

If you are interested in buying some for $2.50 ea.
I can have them Fed Ex'd OVERNIGHT (Free shipping)
I work in a warehouse that has a FedEx Machine.

email me at: [email protected] or call my work phone (650)225-1667.

I go through PAYPAL, but first email me. I wont follow the forum replys for this.


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good price, everyone should run these instead of O-rings
Oh I work Mon-Frid 7am-4pm.

So if you email me or call me outside these hours, I probably wont be in, but I will get to the emails or phone VM's

do you use polypacs for all your seals or just one per cylinder?
Originally posted by 3onthree@Aug 17 2005, 05:26 PM~3644926
do you use polypacs for all your seals or just one per cylinder?

I plan on using once polypak per cylinder....1 Reg O-Ring 1-PolyPak per cylinder
i had those o rings in my showtime torpedoes. i got them from a tractor supply company. they didnt seem to work real good they quit on me after like 3 months.
Originally posted by Big Baller 82cutty@Aug 19 2005, 10:41 PM~3660552
I always use polypaks they are the best ;)
hey i'd like to buy some, but my email couldnt go through. has anyone else tried to email him or bought any of these yet?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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