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Possibly up for sale

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Have everything for the car except a grille ( actually there is a nice stock grille with it but has a few tabs broken off.) And the front bumper center. I have a super nice 88 or 89 rear bumper to go with it as the original was rusted. Still have the 92 bumper ends front and rear, as well as everything else so its really alll there. I started tearing it down and got sidetracked all summer and now Im thinking of just keeping my 82 original not 90'd. It has the 5.7 and complete drive train which has just under 64,000 original miles. The car sits right now with the whole interior (tan)is out except dash and column, leather seats in very nice shape and the drivetrain/suspension is all intact. The front clip is all removed including the front support and the rea body from the bumper fillers back. The A/C sytem is all removed but complete.Fuel tank is out and one plastic fuel line is broken. Also I pierced a wire on the firewall that was part of the ABS harness but not all the way through. Those are the only damaged things. All the wiring from the dash back is pulled up into the interior. Only stuff really missing are the 4 door rockers I pulled them and threw them away. All the interior panels are in the trunk. I labled practcally everything so that I would remember where it all went to. This thing was running perfect before I dissasembled it I assure you of that. I would be selling this on ebay for no less then 5,000 bucks if it were still complete, but Im just seeing what I would get for it in its present state. Obviously a perfect candidate for your coupe project. Everyting is in very clean condition. Again EVERYTHING is here to buil the car back to original if you wanted except for the rockers. I know I'll probably just get BS offers which will only make me want to keep it but we'll see, and most importantly pick up only. Link to a few pics
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