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Post Pics of your Accumulator Setups

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Please post your trunk setups with accumulators!!! I just got my accumulators and I am trying to think of ways to mount them.................please help me out!!! I want to keep my trunk clean looking!!!!

Thanks!!! :cool:
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i have a couple of a friends trunk somewhere
i will try and find them :biggrin:
here's mine, '76 Mercedes Euro pumps...

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If I can't get my accumulators into my trunk without cutting the mounts, and rewelding........I plan on floating with hardlines.........hardline off the pump, into a accumulator fitting, and then into a bulkhead through the floor, into a rubber hose to the cylinder.
That's exactly what I'm doing. I prefer to mount all my dumps and accumulators off the block. It's worked out great for me in all my last installs.

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