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Post your Engines!

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What's up familia!
I have a '60 Hardtop that has a 350 in it. the 350 came out of a 70's Camaro. Anyhow, I have been cleaning up the engine myself.

I wanna see your SBC engines. I need some ideas and inspiration.
What hoses y'all go with? Steel Braided, Leave 'em alone, Stainless steel, or some full on custom work?

my ranfla is a street cruiser, but lots of people ask to see my engine when it's parked and it's.. .orange and black and a mess. I need to give it the love my mija deserves!
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Car Vehicle Hood Grille Motor vehicle
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Stop trying to show off because I will shut this sheet down with my sierra leon blood diamond cut engine block with solid 916 gold internals and solid 950 platinum accessories.😠
1 - 1 of 6 Posts