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That’s right I said 3D photos. First, how to view the 3D photos: Cross your eyes and combine the two photos together. The result, a true 3D image will appear. If done correctly you should see three images with the one in the middle showing in 3D.
For some people it is easier to focus on the middle of the two photos and slowly cross your eyes. Let me know if you can see the image some people just can’t do it.

How to take a 3D photo: All you need is a camera preferably a digital one so you don’t waste film. Take a photo looking through your left eye while staying very still then continue to stay still and move the camera and the camera only to the right so you can take a photo from looking with your Right eye (try your best to keep your head still). The result, you should now have two photos one taken from your Left eye and one taken form your Right eye. Now all you need to do is put the two photos together side by side using Photoshop or some kind of photo editing software. The only problem with this process is that you can not take a photo of something that is moving.
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