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Powdercoating Wire Wheels

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I have a set of wire wheels but the gold is almost completely faded off and I would liek to know if it is possible to have them powdercoated or does the wheel have to come completely apart for this to happen? Thanks.
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you could powder coat the whole rimm but the seal is thew depends on the power coater you use...there some 3m heat tape you could try to use and save the seal( take to your powder coater 1st) its really no worth taken your rimms apart and doing them,,,,but the time you shipp them and we take them apart and repalace the parts the break or shrip out ,,,you spend more money just sell the rimms .....and get new ones!!! inless there daytons
Thanks for the info and yes they are Daytons, old ones though. I emailed the company and was given a price of close to $600 a wheel to redo the wheels in gold but that is out of my league. I have seen some of your work and am looking for a gold wheel with navy blue spoke. I will be giving you a call early next year to order a set.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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