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My name is Jason, and I am one of the owners of Premium Sportway. We are now entering our second year selling the Premium Sportway 5.20 bias ply tire. The support from the community has been amazing, and sales have been increasing since we introduced them a year ago.

But we still get phone calls from guys who have just heard we are making tires, or just want to get more information about them. So we thought we would offer ourselves to any car club that would like us to attend one of their meetings, and answer questions about Premium Sportway tires. While I am located in Santa Barbara, I can to travel to the Los Angeles or San Francisco area to meet with local clubs.

I can be reached at [email protected], on facebook at Premium Sportway LLC, or by phone at 775-574-8473.

Thank you for all your support!

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Hey bro, I've heard you have two style tires...... Is this true ? ( heavy/lite) car......
Just 13's and 14's skinny white wall. There are fat whites in the works but the Premium Sportway guys are not 100% on when.they will get them.

And to add the tires are weight rated at 1070 for the 13's and 1200 pounds for the 14's at 50psi if I remember correctly.
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