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Projects on hold...

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I was building this Saleen for my girlfriend. After the second coat of Boyd's "Tru Blu" pearl somebody dropped it!!! There are some huge chips in it that I tried to touch-up, but had trouble getting it to match...Just gonna strip it and start over....someday =)
I still need to practice taking pics!

post up some stalled projects...Maybe we can motivate eachother to finish these things! =)
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fuck i hate when paint jobs get fucked..on the ford 53 flipnose i painted it perfect, but it wasnt completly dry, i put it upside down and it fuct it so im buildin hotwheels instead
what kind of rims are you going to put on it?
My girlfriend chose these...I'll dig them up and take a mock up pic.
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I got a 91 gmc sonoma standing with the ass up almost done all i need is pumps to put in the rear.A lime gold 64 impala i need to repaint and find a new hood for. I am foiling the trim on my candy blue 61...its gonna be tight. I also ripped apart my old riviarra lowrider and easy offed all the parts and is currently sitting in primer....this will be my radical class car with suicide everything. I will post pics when i get home from work onnnn wednesday!!!! :angry:

BTW that paint is sick on the stang Armando :thumbsup:

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Looks like my car show plans have been cancelled =( So I mocked up the stang' on some of the rims I have.

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Here are a couple of kits that I pulled out of the reject pile...
Chevy Dually on 13's =)

The dually was coming out clean, but then the flake started to sag, so I waited for it to dry and wet sanded it...But I cut through all the way to the plastic..
The caddy is the Lindberg hopper. I shot that with a GM White, but it looked to plain so I hit it with Tamiya Lime Green Pearl. Wasn't really feeling it. The caddy pic didn't come out too clear. Anybody have any digital camera tips??? I use auto focus and they still come out blurry?!?!

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i got the ghostbusters caddy i was gonna make a clown hopper a 64 impala that i dropped down the stairs when the paint was still wet a 87 gn that the damn trunk would never turn out right a 39 chevy coupe that i got tired of sanding down where i cut out the trunk and the sun roof a 99 silverado that has a run down the side and all those are on hold because of a golf cart sitting outside :biggrin:
i have a whole room full of shit, i'll have to post pics when i get a chance.
man I got the 92 Mercury Cougar painted lime(that is all Ive done to it),64 Pontiac GTO,70 Monte just need some minor details,66
Riviera painted with nail polish come out bad so have to repaint it,and I got 9 other projects
Every car I own.

Plus both my bikes and my room. :(
my 63 was on hold, but i started workin on it again..

my 70 is on hold till i get the 63 done. i shaved the door handles on it, & also the wheel opening trim, you could barely see that shit...
Originally posted by Lowridingmike@Aug 11 2003, 09:34 PM
Every car I own.

Plus both my bikes and my room. :(
what a coincidence....... no, im serious.. :( :0 :cool:
the project that im doing thats on hold is my lowrider beach cruser im painting it purple with a white gucci seat and custom spear pedals with a body with air brush of lesbians and it has candy purple lips :biggrin:

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my ram dancer,,,,,,,its been like this for 1 1/2 years, maybe 2. i keep fu*king up the frame.

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Tight Ass Paint Job......
here some thing i been messing around with
i got it painted a "chrome green" some crasst paint i just need let it dry so i can clear coat it. i post some pic on monday.

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That's lookin good man :thumbsup:

it made me want to pull mine like that out and start on it now :biggrin: lol
Originally posted by The Mad Modeler@Aug 15 2003, 02:43 PM
That's lookin good man :thumbsup:

it made me want to pull mine like that out and start on it now :biggrin: lol
i hear you i get model stock up like crassy i see one that i like i start on it also i just got a supra know i start f**king around with that i am never going to finish one model.
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