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Question for you Resin Casters

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I'm wondering if anyone out there can make me a set of fender skirts for a 60 Impala?
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I think 1ofaknd can help you :dunno:
Originally posted by 1lowimpala@Sep 8 2005, 08:24 PM~3778885
I think 1ofaknd can help you :dunno:
i dont' have any skirts. you would have to scratchbuild them before you could mold them and make copies.

the 61 impala comes with does the 59. i'm sure one of those two would work
I'll just have to look into that...I appreciate it...
Yeah, 59 and 61 skirts are exactly the same as each other and they will fit the 60 but there will be a small gap that you will need to fill, because the wheelwell on the 60 is a little more square.
make some cruzer skirts instead thats what im puttin on my 60 imp wagon
1959 impala skirts will work!
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