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I've got a 79 grand prix. I want to either redo the seats or just get new ones from something with leather seats that are heated.

I have a floor shifter.

What cars can I get them from?

aslo how do you guys stitch the vinyl/leather? do you do it while its on the seat or stitch it and then stretch it over the seats?

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Originally posted by concrete@Sep 28 2005, 11:38 AM~3902618
anyone know about this?
I dont know if there are cars you can swap a leather interior out of. But as far as stitching some new material: take measurements of the old material and then decide if you want to copy the stock pattern or something else(but material size needed will be the same). For example, i will take material for a seat bottom and also material for the along side of the seat along with some plastic piping(covered with material and just pulled tight) and use one stich line to sew both pieces together along with the piping. The piping just gives it a clean/factory look so you cant see any thread. I'll take some pics while i finish up my back seat.
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