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Questions about the Celica

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Hi...I just saw on a web site, air suspension parts and a kit specific for my Celica.

I could get the air struts for front and air cylinders/bags for the rear. Or the kit comes with 4 air struts and everything needed except for the hose.

I would like to know of any disadvatages to each of these items. I know the bag can break (if not carefully installed), but that's about it. And what can of height can I achieve with each of these?

I'm only trying to add the air suspension to raise and lower at all 4 wheels mainly for looks. Would this ruin the ride comfort? I would think that using air would be just as good as any other spring?

I'm considering a small tank (3 gallon), possibly two of them. One of my friends suggested that I could use an electric bicycle pump off of my cigarette lighter to help make it look clean in the trunk. I'm concerned about this. Is it possible?

Sorry about all of the questions and the long post. Thank you in advance for any help!

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I would say to use air cylinders. But that's just my opinion.
Originally posted by whyn@Oct 24 2003, 09:08 PM
I would say to use air cylinders. But that's just my opinion.
me too ;)
me 3, and dont use no damn bicycle pump to fill the tanks :angry:

next time you see that person, hit them with a brick ;)
well i will suggest to use air cylenders for one thing air cylenders are more efficent,less complicated to install, cause i got a 2000 honda civic i just pop them in in one day "no wleding" and a 5 gallon tank is great for the job for fast lift and it should clear 1 foot from regular height. :cool:
Thanks for all of the input....Helps my confidence level since I was also thinking of air cylinders.

Actually, one thing I did forget to ask......Can you run an air compressor off the battery? Or do you need an amplifier? I can't imagine the car battery lasting too long without an amplifier.

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Sorry....Guess there's no need for an amplifier. I thought I saw in one pic, something that looked like an amplifier.
depending on the amp pull of the compressor, you could run an auxiliary battery, an 8GA wire from the front battery to the new one, with an isolator in between them, so the 2 batteries arent connected when the car is off..

If the compressor is small, just run an 8Ga back there and wire it to the compressor
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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