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im sure you all watched Cowboy bebop at one point in time on Cartoon network. im dedicating my car to that maniac Francois Appledairy aka the Hacker, Radical Ed. the car is a 79 camaro that i got as a PIF i have to give back something and i will. as you can see the car is in dire need of repair. i figure this could be my one shot at building another hopefully more permanent radical.

some of the mods im contemplating

lots of shaving and putty
Top Fuel engine(wired)
pancaked tilt hood
lambo doors
tilt trunklid(possibly clear)
possible tilt rear end
my first display for a model
20s gold(why not its radical)
hydros (Wired)
the paint will be a mix of hand, spray, and airbrush painting

heres a shot of the beast itself

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