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i wanted to know if ragtops could be dyed a different color or does the top have to be completely replaced? -thanks 208ragtime
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we are redoin mine in a color that matches

also when we order custom colors for verts, they send us white an we have to send it off to get dyed dunno what color yours is but if its black it might be a lil difficult
my rag is white im tryn two go tan or khaki its new and its already on my 4
im sure u can dye it on the car ill have to get with my interior guy on monday an ask him what to prep it with , i kno hes dyed regular tops on the car , but i duno about verts with it folding togther an all how it holds up, i kno he send his new stuff out an it never wears off
thanks 4info homie
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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