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Rear Cylinder Mounting Ideas?

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Alright guys, I`m getting to designing my rear setup on my '90 Isuzu p/u. I`m making a bridge made out of 1" schedule 80 bent tubular shit. I have a coilover setup and the coil measures at 3" wide. I`m thinking of just taking a piece of, say 3" long X 3" X 1/4" thick round pipe and making that my mount, having the bent tubular shit coming off my c-notches mounting to the pipe. What do you guys think of this idea? Anyone have some pics of some trick setups on the rear of trucks??
And one more question. On these mini trucks, the frame is already completely boxed but not very thick at all. You all think it would still require a wrap for a standing 3? Sorry for the long post!!

Thanks! :cool:
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I've seen alot of very elaborate tubular bridges in minitruck mags. They are usualy bagged. But the same settups could be used for hydros. Most of them the spring perches are mounted to the C-notch on eitherside of the frame. Then the tube bridges are mostly for show.
should look nice man....seems alot of people cut corners when they juice p/u's....most are the standard c channel, spray painted bridge :(
Nah. I`m taking my time on this truck. Want it very nice. The c-notches are already smoothed out and the 4-link had been powder coated red. When I get the chance the rearend will be powdercoated also. But not too sure what I`m gunna do with the frame yet. Probably throw a single stage paint on there.
Any pics of some sweet setups guyzz? :biggrin:
go pick up (no pun intended) some old mini truck magazines from the 90's

Most people do just do the c-channel between the C notches.I'd like to se some tubing run up to some flat plates for spring perches with welded tabs to keep from loosing a coil.I dont really get what you were saying with the 3" tubing
He's talking about making a pocket for the coils. The 3" tubing should go fit around a mini coil just fine. Magazines from 1999 and newer would have some trick stuff. Ive seen some really cool designs. Like tubing bent into interlocking rings, spider web ,weaving in and out. All kinds of cool shit.
Quick question fellas....The cylinder measures 1 9/16" around. How much slack do you guys leave in the mount around the cylinder?? Does it need to be pretty tight or some room for movement? Thanks! :cool:
some movement is needed. a 1-3/4" hole saw would work out nicely.
Ok, well I have some nice chrome cylinders. Will having a hole that much bigger just fuck up my finish?? Seems like with this coil over setup the cylinder will just slide up and down, constantly screwing it up. Not too big of a deal, jus curious.

2'' hole saw...with coilover it will rub so you need to install something to work as a bushing...i use pvc myself and its cut low so you cant see it unless a coil is compressed but in your case this might not look so hot

i remember someone on here who was using tailpipe instead and it looked clean......without doing this your going to squeak like crazy and scratch/rub the casing on the cylinders
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