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Rebuildable Heavy Duty (HD) Solenoids

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all Four, Brand new in the box.

1 for 65 shipped.
2 for 135 shipped.
3 for 175 shipped.
4 for 215 shipped.

~ PM ME ~

I have 4 brand new rebuildable Heavy Duty (HD) solenoids
for sale, these can handle up to 5 batteries PER solenoid.

all 4 Only $215 SHIPPED to your door!, paypal only and will
be shipped out Wednesday morning via UPS w/tracking number.

You can check out my feedback here:
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damn wish i had the funds.......
These are nice have 4 myself, going on 2years no problems at all...
damn good solenoids, 6 batts for 3-4 springs, summers and falls, no probs, no rebuilds.
damnit, im short on funds myself or i would grab these from you bro...
bad timing bro. if i didnt have $$ goin out on tools, i'd swoop these up no doubt...
NOTE: these will not be for sale AFTER today,
so get all 4 of these NOW, while you can. :)
Last Chance @ Only $215 SHIPPED!

I have TONS of people interested in these, just no cash yet - lol

These are some Bad-Ass Noids!...

If noone buys these TONIGHT, they will no longer be available.
when you get down to 150 LMK
i can't go lower than 215 Shipped to your door... :biggrin:

that is a good deal in itself.

anyone interested?

your choice...

1 for 65 shipped.
2 for 135 shipped.
3 for 175 shipped.
4 for 215 shipped.

paypal only...
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dam.I wish i had the cash.
Originally posted by kustombuilder@Aug 29 2006, 04:20 PM~6067939
dam.I wish i had the cash.
me too - lol...

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