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Regal Woes, oh will it ever stop

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Thanks to the replies in the tapping thread i made, i'll take those into account.

My car just shut off on me on the interstate as i was slowing down into a construction area. Im sure that has somthing to do with the carburetor as this morning the car was idling really rough, like wanting to shut off when i come to a red light.

Alright, so the car shuts off on me, im rolling, and i jam it into park, then i hear a whine.
Im parked and i try to crank it up, it doesnt. All i hear is a constant whine or whirr coming from the starter. I thought my engine finnally took a shit, or i grinded all the flywheel teeth off someway or another.

The tow guy said it sounds like the starter isnt engaging and theres a loud smell of gas.
Keep in mind the fuel pump is manual, not electric. How would it be dumping gas if the starter isnt turning the engine?

Anyone have a good strategy to figure this out? And what components are possibly damaged? Could i have fucked up the trans from jamming it into park while its rolling?
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process of elimination homie, if you smell gas check the fuel lines, obviously if you have a leak the line would be wet, it could also be your carb not being properly adjusted and flooding. as far as the starter goes, you could have some damaged or missing teeth, either on the starter or the flywheel, there's a cover on the rear on the passenger side next to the starter, take it off and inspect. oh, i wouldn't jam it into park anymore, you could fuck up the tranny.

oh and adjust those rockers, it's not going to matter how well you tune it if one of your rockers slips of the pushrod, you're going to have to do it sooner or later.
how do u adjust the rockers??
alright, well this morning i tested it again.
when trying to crank up, the carb spits/sprays out gas from the top.

i took the flywheel cover off, no missing gears from the flywheel.
i marked a gear with some color and turned the key over. Looked under and noticed the flywheel is spinning because the mark was in a different place.
Therefore wouldnt the starter not be the culprit since it seems to be engaging and turning over the engine?

Alright, since then ive taken the dist cap off to verify it spinning during a test crank and it does (testing to make sure timing chain isnt broke)

Check spark plugs, they are either wet or smell like fuel

Cleaned up the dist because the current oil leak i have has somehow leaked into the dist casing and all the electronics are wet with oil, so i cleaned it up, put it all back together and it really wants to crank it sounds alot better than before but fuel is still spraying out the top of the carb?!

Ive checked fuses and ive yet to do a "check for spark" on this stock gm hei. If anyone has a good idea to check for spark to make sure the ignition is right without having to buy anything, let me know.

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alright, i tapped the hell out of it, banged the hell out of it (you know, the kind of temper tantrum banging, LOL)

i even disconnected the hei module as was suggested by someone (if it was the module the car would start up)

i disconnected the fuel line so the carb wouldnt suck anymore gas in there.
ive been cranking on it to help clear out the leftover gas, the car is cranking pretty fast though. The fuel has stopped spitting out the top as well, does that mean theres no fuel left? Also the spurts of smoke out the top stopped as well.
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