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Hello all,

just thought we'd invite your club to our meet next week.

Event:'s "Good Times" Summer Meet 2006
Date: August 27th, 2006 (Sunday)
Location: Richmond Silvercity Riverport
Time: 12-4pm
Details: Free admission, free food, free entertainment, free prize giveaways, check out what's new with everyone's cars, chat with old faces... basically "good times"

Please no burnouts, no speeding or revving engines. We are providing a FREE meet with FREE food and prizes at our expenses, at least have the courtesy to respect us and be on your best behaviour for one day. Thank you.


VMAR's "Mini RC Car 50m Dash" Trophy (1st place)
Game #1 - "Chuggin' Contest" Trophy (1st place)
Game #2 "Hot Dog Eating Contest" Trophy (1st place)
Game #3 - "FEAR FACTOR?" Trophy (1st Place)
End of Event - "Largest Car Club Representation" Trophy (1st place).

FREE Games! FREE Prizes! FREE Hotdogs! FREE drinks!


sign up so far..

01) jACE
02) Chooman
03) !SG
04) shantz
05) 1990TSI
06) SpuGen
07) Alatar
08) zvrkan5
09) DA_TEG (from the Okanagan)
10) Lomac
11) cdnav8r
12) sweetcivic
13) eurotrash
14) X02
15) Iceman_19
16) AckXchange
17) B 0 U N C 3
18) TRD604
19) kspec
20) HOT BABY aka Doormat
21) Downtown Auto Spa (and my staff)
22) jaretron
23) Jepho
24) XTC_604_DKNY
25) Raid3n
26) seakrait
27) Noble
28) 99IntegraGS
29) MazdaDragon
30) alex.w *//
31) molezy7
33)94 Integra
34)Special K
38)RX Renesis
41) Acuracura
42)Team Shadow
44) Bonka (and friends)
45) group
46) bigo711
47) kaltc
48) Ruckus007
49) EuroRepresent
50) typeRviet (
51) jingx (alx will record event
52) truenosan
53) ::smurfie::

a reminder.. a trophy will be awarded to the car crew with the MOST NUMBERS.. it's a numbers game.. so the more cars from your group, the better the chances of winning.

Doesn't matter stock or modified.

Be there or be square:

Here is a list of current prizes!!

How do you win them?

1) Participate in our games! Sign up!
2) Make some noise! Show your enthusiasm for this event! We'll be tossing some prizes out randomly into the crowd
3) Show us your talent. If you can wow the crowd with your breakdancing skills, beatboxing, or singing skills.. heck, we'll give you some free sh*t!


Boyz Club & Axis Audio =

1 set x Pioneer Speakers
1 x Smart Eye Parking Sensor
1 x CarPro CPX-2350 Security System


Modern Image = car decals


Downtown Auto Spa =

1 x Ultimate Zaino Kit (worth $175.00 + taxes)
1 x Concours Spa Detail (Worth $275.00 + taxes).

============================================= =

Easy Car 2 Way FM Security System/Remote Starter
This is a 2 way security system with remote start function and a 1.5 km range. Featuring an ultra-compact LCD remote and one-of-a-kind Easy Door Lock System.


Mobile Corner =

1 x Motorola SLVR (Worth $260.00 + taxes)
5 x $50 gift vouchers to Mobile Corner ($250 value)

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