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ok, its been a good 3 years since my last lolo that i lifted.
now i am gonna be buying that new chrome pro hopper set up, and i was reading and it says it comes with rockfords.
i looked up rockfords and they look alot alike=marzacchis.
my quistion is, are they as good,as fast?
and am i looking at the right pumphead? the pic showed the rockford having an inlet at the bottom as well as the back like the marzocchis.
i will not be hopping, just lifting and a 3 wheel or two, so i dont need the "uuumph" but i do need the dependabilaty.
i will be running 36 voltz to each pump. is this set up for me?

and this is the last quistion i have on this
buying this set up atfter so long of not having anything........its like gettin pussy for the first time again......... :0
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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