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In celebration of our chapters Ten year milestone, I thought I would make our own chapter topic.
Im going to do my best to be as accurate as I can with the history and pics. I hope everyone enjoys. I know that Im going to miss some stuff because I dont have pictures of everyone and everything.

We received our blessing to start our chapter from Ralph P,(Seattle WA Pres) Chuck T (Seattle Wa Vice Pres) & (Ronnie M Portland OR Pres) in 2001.

Jerry, was a member of Seattle chapter and was the Olympia Chapters first Pres 2001-2003, Jerry left on good terms in 2003 to enjoy other things in life.

Jerrys low

I Joined in 2001 and was one of the founding 5 members, I was the Olympia chapters first Vice Pres and was the elected president from 2003-2008. I stepped down from pres in 2008 because I was haveing my first son and wanted less responibilty with the club.

This is the low I joined with.

After a year or so, Fellow club member Impala Chris repainted my car.

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looks good guys very good :thumbsup:
cant wait 4 the ball :boink: :rimshot:

of to the paint shop we go :cheesy:
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nice pics chad
x2 that ;)
some good stuff in here
Originally posted by leo@May 28 2011, 07:50 AM~20645987
This video is pretty choppy, but so far its the onll one I can find,

Chris car driven by Eddie Gurreo down to the wrestling ring Tacoma Wa,

Tacoma Dome 2004

fucking sick thats bad ass way 2 go chris :thumbsup:
what is this new stuff
ya i dont like this shit eaither:rant:
Only 2 more days :p :eek:

cant wait
yes they did yakima had a great time thanx guys
the big show is on saterday. i think most of us will not be making the eugene show funds are very tight right now would love 2 be there but pretty straped right now sorry chief
lol yes they do
again, wish i was there, looked like everyone had a great time and got faded...:D:roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
not faded but plowed yes lol
Oh man bummer,, i'm saddened to hear it but i undrestand ese. The show will still be a good one tho,, we got every club out here in Oregon attending, Royal Image just won't be in big #'s but its all good though, maybe next time? Atleast everyone's getting together for the lowcos show:cool:If anyone plans on coming down let me know otherwise I'm going to assume that all of Washington will be staying in Washington this summer?
i think im not sure but i think every body will be coming 2 yakima:)
:thumbsup:good stuff chad
:cool:sup fellas
aloha broths
sick cars chad
here it is guys the 67 Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Muscle car
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