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running power cables

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like i posted earlyr i am running 3 Amps 1) is 25X4 watts 2) 100X2 watts 3)100X2 watts 4) thing is a 72 volt street charger what size of cable should i use. I am currently running four 8 gauge wire from my battery to the amps and i just want to run 1 wire to a block and then to amps. first choice was a 2 gauge input to four 4 gauge output would this wire choice be ok for this application.????????
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Originally posted by JeremyD@Nov 18 2003, 02:40 PM
Assuming the length of the run is less than 20 ft or so, 4 ga should really be adequate. You can always go 2 ga if you want.

Posting the total ammount of fusing on the amps and the length of the run would give us a much better idea though.
around 12 feet and as fusing do u mean what size of fuses i am going to put in the block ?????
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