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I am selling all my model car stuff. Don't really build anymore due to lack of time. I want to sell it all together, not really interested in parting out.

Make an offer + $10 -$15 shipping depending on how far you live from NM.

Its been awhile since i sold anything on here but i did find 1 feedback--->

I do not have paypal rite now so it will be a money order deal but ill look into signing up for paypal if needed.

2013-01-16 15.50.49 (640x480).jpg
Vintage AMT Model King 63 kit complete never built
2013-01-16 15.52.18 (640x480).jpg
2013-01-16 15.55.06 (640x480).jpg
Came with a lot of cool accessories tv, record player, tools and display
2013-01-16 15.55.19 (640x480).jpg
63 acc.
2013-01-16 15.57.42 (640x480).jpg
63 acc.
2013-01-16 16.01.24 (640x480).jpg
63 body used to be the linberg joker, fitted a stock hood and was planning on painting and juicing (still has led lights)
2013-01-16 16.05.05 (640x480).jpg
55 stepside complete, a few engine pieces painted but still on trees
2013-01-16 16.07.50 (640x480).jpg
55 stepside
2013-01-16 16.22.26 (640x480).jpg
Random motors i planned on using for hydraulics
2013-01-16 16.22.54 (640x480).jpg
Switch box with reverse switch, from a toy crane but could be wired up for model hydros

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2013-01-16 16.23.16 (640x480).jpg
Hoppin hydros chassis
2013-01-16 16.37.54 (640x480).jpg
62 impala convertible. Planned on using on the HH chassis. Complete exterior, interior, glass, convertible boot.
Engine/chassis pieces mixed in misc box. Also comes with 64 hardtop (this was long before hardtop version came out)
2013-01-16 16.31.57 (640x480).jpg
34 Ford complete, never started
2013-01-16 16.32.54 (640x480).jpg
40 Ford sedan delivery complete, never started
2013-01-16 16.39.31 (640x480).jpg
1/64 Caddy Fleetwood front hydraulics, needs new thread to motor and rear axle reinforced
2013-01-16 16.45.10 (640x480).jpg
Misc rims, accessories
2013-01-16 16.45.52 (640x480).jpg
Misc box collected over years of model buliding
2013-01-16 16.48.38 (640x480).jpg
Mostly engine and chassis pieces, a few exterior interior and tire/wheel pieces from various kits including:
impalas, viper, corvette, mustang etc.

Like i said make an offer + shipping, I have an idea what this stuff is worth...
I'm not trying to make a killing, but not planning on giving it away either.

Thanks for looking,

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