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I ran this car on eBay 2 months ago but the eBay server went down before the auction was over. Therefore it did not sell. It is scheduled to start Aug 1 with a no reserve auction. This original 1969 Chevrolet Impala has been garage kept in my personal possession for the last 15 years. The miles are accurate and the car had 29000 miles when I bought it. I just had it dismantled and repainted 2 months ago which cost me $4000 with receipts to prove. The paint and body is show quality with absolutely no rust any where. Any rust that was originally on the car was cut out and professionally replaced with sheet metal. I don’t cheap out on anything. All the window felts and weather striping were replaced during the repaint. I also had the floor carpet changed as well as the sound deadener changed. While the carpet was out I made sure that there was no rust under the original carpet.

I had the motor and Trans rebuilt 4 years ago. It has a 327 motor and a turbo 350 trans. I originally had the hydraulics installed 9 years ago, but recently replaced all the lines, rear cylinders and batteries. The only suspension modification that was done for the hydraulics was the A-arm had a ¼” plate welded underneith where the spring rests to prevent the springs from piercing through the metal. There are 2 ton springs in the front. The rear cylinders are 10” and the fronts are 8”. The set up is an 8 switch system capable of front, back, side to side and 3 wheel. There are 2 RED’s super pumps 4 batteries and 4 accumulators. If you want the car stock the hydraulics can easily be removed. I also spent $500 on gas accumulators which allow the car to ride very smooth. The rims are 15” x 7” real triple gold Dayton’s. (Stamped on the hubs). The tries are Vogues.

The only problems on the car are as follows. There is a small water stain on the front bench seat which is visible in the photos. The rest of the interior is perfect. I am missing one piece of the drivers side exterior door chrome which also visible in the photos. I misplaced it when the car was being painted. The AC evaporator and condenser was taken out to paint the firewall but was not reinstalled. I have a new evaporator and the original lines including the dryer. I do not have the compressor. There is one rear hydraulic cylinder that is leaking. I can get a rebuild kit from Red’s for $4.50 it is just a set of “O” rings. I don’t even what to think about how much I invested over the years but I need the space. The auction also includes a car cover for a 1969 Impala. Anyone is welcome to inspect the car before the auction is over. Or call me with any questions. I have many sources for auto transport if you live out of state and need help. I want $ 8900 if any one is intrested before the auction starts.

–Jesse 305.281.1911
[email protected]



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