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I’m changing my setup from 2 pumps 4 dumps with 10 switches to just only 3 switches. I have a couple questions about the wiring.

1. how many solenoids do I need and how many per pump? I have 3 batteries in total.

2. for my setup the batteries sit behind my seat since it’s an el Camino and everything else is in the bed. I know I’m gonna connect my switch wires to a wire terminal block. I want my block to sit in the bed with everything else. I know for convenience I wouldn’t need to connect my 24v wire to my block but rather just to the battery. I was wondering if that’s okay?

3. When it comes to my two sets of solenoids I get confused on how to connect power to my second set of solenoids. I know my positive bat terminal will connect to my first set of solenoids, but I get confused on how to connect power to the second set. Do I wire a connection from the bat terminal to the second set, or between the connection from the first set of solenoids and bat terminal, or just connect a wire at the end of the first solenoid set to the beginning of the second.
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