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shiiping a car into canada

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I have somebody interested in buying my 64 impala, but he lives in toronto, canada. From what I've been told already, what I need to is ship the car to the border and the buyer will have to take it across. If anybody has done this before, can you give me a little more info to make this transaction go as easy as possible like what kind of paperwork or info the buyer will need at the border and how to find a place to have the transporter meet the buyer. Thanx!!!!
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All he needs is

1 Signed ownership
2 Bill of sale
3 his drivers license or passport

He has to pay the tax at the border and he's good to go
Signed ownership? You mean like the title?
my boy got his ride ship here in Toronto from Florida
pm str8W3stC0ast1n and ask him about it.
What is shiiping? :biggrin: lol lol
Originally posted by UCE-ORLANDO@Aug 23 2005, 05:29 PM~3677373
What is shiiping? :biggrin:  lol  lol
Thats what happens when you start a post from a sidekick riding down I-4 :biggrin:
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