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I live in Norway, but I have a 76 Buick Electra Limited stored in Pompano beach FL.
I was on a 1 month vacation over there this summer and I bought the Buick in Missouri and was all together in 22 states.
It was a great vacation. :biggrin:
I am going over to FL again the 18 of Nov, to stay there for 18 days.
There is rust under the vinyl top on one side and I want to put on a new one.
Is there anybody who knows about a shop/person in FL that ca do this kind of work?
The travel route is Ft. Lauderdale-Daytona-Orlando-Tampa-Sarasota-Key West-Miami and back to Ft. Lauderdale.
So the shop/person that can do this job, have to be along these route.
Are there any people on this board who have any suggestions?
I will appreciate any help/info about this. :)

Per Arne.

The 76 Buick.


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hahah blaze i was just about say that ok i will tell u how to get there

take i-95 south from pompano beach to hallandale beach blvd so as u come of to your right u are going to see a race track gas station right after the gas station theres a street make a right on that street go down past the 3 speed bump and look to your right i will see (kennys tops and uplo) i got my top done there fro 150.00 but that was back in 1995 so im sure more now or shit he might still chareg the same
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