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showtime charger

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look for fork lift battery chargers; if you speak to lift truck shops or industrial battery charger manufacturers and tell them what you want to do (ie 2 banks @ 36v or 48v or whatever), you get loads of options from them, inc re-furbished ones which are cheaper... might also want to tell them you want to X-number of 12v batteries, as there are sometimes cheaper ways of doing it (ie all in one bank, as individual batteries, in smaller banks, etc... a 24v charger over here is about £65, but can only charge one bank at a time - 3 of them is still cheaper than 1 36v/2 bank charger) me, the showtime one just looks like a light duty lift truck charger - 25Amp charger or something will run about £200 over here, so I guess you could prob. get one for $200 over there...

b :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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