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on my suburban, the steering column shaft is directly above where the cylinder pokes thru the upper. there is no room for a fitting with a top port cylinder.

does anybody know where i can get a 6" strong side port?

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call Ron, he can build them for you...



Black Magic
back in '97...REDS in phoenix did my first suburban and they put in REDS side ports and it worked great....i never replaced them or ever had a leak. in 98 the truck got wrecked and the cylinders were toast!.

i dont see any on their web site.

RC lowrider used to make a strong side port, but he closed his doors :thumbsdown:

someone has got to know something
Call REDS. 1-800-REDS-321, ask for PNUT or Scott. They'll hook you up. They'll build anything you want if they don't have it.
thanx vegas and dreday...i'll give'em a call. trying to get this damn burban project done!
Good luck w/ it Homie. Post some pics once you get it going...
Originally posted by dreday@Aug 19 2005, 03:32 PM~3658687
Good luck w/ it Homie. Post some pics once you get it going...
thanx bro...its not even half way done...the front cyls are in but the seals are bad. controls arms are on their way out for extension and reinforcement. right now were building the bridge w/ 16" cyls. the plan is to get it to sit 3.
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