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Long time no blog. I have been really busy with school this last year and have not been activily posting. Well, I made it a point to get back on here a shoot the poop with youz guyz once again. I really was missing th chat boards and the excellent builds from builders/clubs around the country.

NEW NEWS: I have started a webpage to help me pay for gas, food, etc. while going to schoole. I was forced into a sacrifice I didnt want to make but in time it will pay off when I graduate. I took my hobby and turned it into a small business called SMC HOBBIES or SCALE MODEL COLLECTIONS. My success on Ebay favored Ebay so I brached off to my own site which has 15 builds in 9 different countries now. I help friends sell out of there collections or out of mine along with built kits of all kinds. My specialty is JUNKERS & BEATERS at the moment. I love cars of all types and take request for POLISHED BUILDS & JUNKERS/BEATERS.

SMCHOBBIES.WEEBLY.COM is currently in its infancy but has an everyday increasing inventory. Some prices are high due to availability or what I can sell it for at any given show. Some prices are also up for negotiation before final selling price. Since I dont have to worry about FINAL SALE FEES anymore it is easier to make prices lower in some cases.

If anybody has any recommendations for the site let me know I appreciate any viewer insite into improving the store page.

NOTE TO ALL BUILDERS: If you have any photos of your clubs POLISHED builds on the tables at contest, shows, or at home. I would be willing to post them on the webpage with your clubs or individual builders page in an organized listing. Builder or club name will be included with any photos along with a brief description of the build or builds. I dont mind doing that for free. I will say that I am trying to come up with a fair cost charge for the idea just to help me out as I said with expenses while finishing my degree. I have listed a possible future donation recommendation list for being able to due so Let me know if it is fair.

$5.00 a month with unlimited album photos
$10.00 a month with unlimited album photos along with PARAGRAPH/s detailing the builds, clubs, or builders bio's

Good to be back! :)
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