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I know there has been a thread concerning a device to check a solenoid whether it's good or bad.

Well, I've just finished making one. I would like some opinions.

Have you ever found a box with some solenoids in them and wondered if they were any good (I know, shake'em).

I've made this device. It hooks up to any 12 volt source.
My 12 volt source is a power convert I bought out of JC Whitney. It lets me check any 12 volt accessory from inside my house.

My contraption conists of 6 wires:

2 for the source (power and negative 12 volt source)
1 for the ground (of the solenoid)
1 for the input
1 for the out put
1 for the switch on top of the solenoid.

Here's the concept.

Hook up the box to 12 volts.
Connect the ground.
put one wire on the left side
put one wire on the right side

take the last wire and touch the top of the solenoid.

If the light comes one, the solenoid is good.
If the light doesn't come one the solenoid is bad.

Very portable. Would like some opinions:


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I've actually tried that a long time ago. It's a good idea but a "positive" result can be misleading. I have a power supply that I also use when working on a stereo or building a new switchbox inside the house. The problem is that they'r only good for (if I remember correctly) about 10 amps. Even some blown solenoids will trip when a small current is applied. But when you're talking the amps that our pumps draw trying to lift a car off the ground, they just don't compare.
It's best to just use the same clips and hook the solenoid up to battery number one in your set-up (unhook the ground first of course). And another test wire to go to your pump. That will give you a more accurate real-world test.

Nothing against the Pyramid power supply 'cause I love mine. :) And it will probably be good to rule out any 'seriously' dead solenoids. But before you start screwing on coupling bolts and screwing down solenoids, you might want to do another quick test in the trunk.

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