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Some Old Pics of my Truck

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BEST INTERIOR at MINI TRUCK National Pigeon Forge
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Nice interior bro! Congrates on the award!!!

I have seats like that (not upholstered yet but the same shape) and mine are swivels too!

Could you posta few of the truck itself? :biggrin:
Here's an old one I have of it when I lived in Louisville. This is right before I put the Daytons on it

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Nice truck man! Looks tight!
What kind of material is that in the bed?

I used gray velour the first couple of times I went through the interior. I added the black velour later.
Can't seem to find any pictures of the last rendition of the inside of the bed. Used to have a coffin in the bed. Still have a full length mirror in the headliner. Took a lot of silicone adhesive to get that thing to stay. Mirror has been in the headliner for about 12 years now. Some poor young lady almost had a heart attack when she saw the coffin.

Those swivels in this truck were one the first ones I ever built. The ones I make now have more of a slant in the seatback.
thats friggen sweeeeeet! :cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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