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What's up?
Well, its finally come time to replace the rearbushings on the 64. They have lasted for 3 years, alot longer then rubber. But here's the thing,they are only worn out on the lower trailers near the axle. Don't get twisted, I got urthane all the around the car, including body bushings. But from the 9 inch, the extended panhard bar, taller strokes... I'll b adding a stabilizer bar this weekend(when I replace the bushing), and was just wondering if anyone out there notice any different in having one. And if so, would a thick bar b better. The reason I ask is because I got one off of a caddy(thin) and one off a Roadmaster, same lenght and everthing just a little thicker. But anywaz get at me let me know what u think or if there anyother cars out there a can get one off of, cause I've seen diffierent types on these cars(64's).

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